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Car insurance for female drivers

Officially, insurers cannot give lower-priced quotations to women, than they give to men. However, there is no rule that says they cannot discriminate between different occupations. It often seems that the more female oriented a job is, the lower the insurance quote is! A young male motorist who is a nurse is likely to find much cheaper premiums than one who is a steelworker or a security guard. Also; insurers that specialise in providing insurance cover to female motorists have not been obliged to increase their premiums. They cannot discriminate in favour of the girls; however, how many men are going to buy their policies from the company with a name like 'Girls Drive Better', or one that offers free handbag cover?

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Bargain Car Insurance

How can you benefit from this? Well, if you are lady motorist you may already be paying less for your insurance because of one of the above factors. If you are are a man, and particularly if you are young male driver, look at your job description. Could it be described in several different ways, without bending the truth at all? Perhaps you can feminise it, just a little, while still avoiding any untruths (which could constitute fraud and invalidate your insurance!)? And if not, why not get quotes from those female insurance specialists? They will have to offer you the same prices, all things being equal, that they offer to the girls! They cannot discriminate against you in any way because of your sex and you might well have to pay much less for your cover annual world from a more general insurer.

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What to do if you have an accident

Many motorists believe that insurers are mainly interested in the their past claims. This is incorrect. They are only interested in the chances of that driver being involved in an accident or claim in the future. Let me explain: Imagine that you have a small accident with very little damage. Whether you are responsible for the accident or not you still decide to pay for it yourself. You are of course obliged by your insurance contract to inform them of any accidents you have, so you do so, but explain that you will not be making a claim. Despite this, whilst your no claims discount remains the same, your premium increases substantially at your next renewal! What has gone wrong? To an insurance underwriter, the fact that you have been involved in a potential claims situation means that, statistically, you are more at risk than the average motorist of having another bump. This one may be far more expensive, meaning a costly claim against your policy! Your reasonably priced cover will cease to be such a bargain in the future.

Should you confess all to your insurer?

What should you do, if you are involved in a relatively minor mishap and either yourself or the other driver involved is happy to pay for any damage, without involving either party's insurers? Well, strictly speaking, you should inform your insurance company or broker right away. If you do not do so, and they find out about the accident in another way, they could, in theory, cancel your policy or even have you charged with fraud. However, you do tell them, your future premiums are likely to rise, perhaps substantially, even if you were not at fault in any way. The decision is yours.